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Chad Bilyeu

About Chad

Chad Bilyeu is a Native Clevelander who spent a decade in Washington, DC and somehow ending up living in Amsterdam. A Georgetown University graduate who concentrated in history and politics, he strives to refine his understanding of the contemporary world. Chad's travels have taken him across North America, Europe and Japan. Intent upon discovering what lies beyond Amsterdam's exaggerated stereotypes of marijuana and prostitution, Chad roams the city-village with a camera and a keen eye. 

Chad has tried his hand at many positions since moving to Amsterdam. He served as a nightlife photographer for Vice magazine. He has appeared on The Music Factory, which serves as the Netherlands' version of MTV, as an interviewee representing international students. He also did a stint as a co-host on the Monday edition of The English Breakfast, a morning radio talk show broadcast on 99.4 FM. 

An avid writer and photographer, Chad is currently preparing a book based from his Twitter musings and Amsterdam photos. He also regularly organizes events. Chad is organizing the second edition of the "Amsterdam 2.0" art show/dance event as well as his monthly event at Cafe Belgique, "Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland."

Special Interests

Chad knows a lot about:

  • Music:  hip-hop and reggae in particular
  • Feudal Japan
  • American politics

Chad's Special Recommendations

Chad says, "Don't leave Amsterdam without having eaten any Indonesian food."

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