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Conor O'Rourke

About Conor

Conor O'Rourke

When Conor left Berlin after his exchange program, he knew that he'd be coming back. A few years in San Francisco later found him laid off in the middle of an economic crisis - what better time to expatriate? A native of balmy Northern California, Conor chose to weather the frosty Berlin winter indoors, focusing on his German. He emerged blinking into the spring sunlight, finally able to communicate with the inscrutable natives of the strange land.


Berlin's vibrant cultural scene is a constant source of inspiration to Conor, who fills his time exploring bars and nightclubs, meeting new people, and when weather permits, lounging in the grass next to one of Berlin's many canals or pedaling down the kilometers of bike trails surrounding the city.


Conor has written for Exberliner Magazine and blogs like Serious Eats. 

Special Interests

Conor knows a lot about:

  • Rap music
  • Tacos
  • Bikes

Conor's Special Recommendations

Conor says, "Don't leave Berlin without having a Radler by the canal."