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Dale Mack

Dale Mack has been involved in Fort Lauderdale tourism and promotions for over twenty years. Working for Travelhost Magazine in Dallas, Texas, he was especially drawn to the edition published by the Fort Lauderdale Associate Publisher; the city's beauty, its energy and the fun-in-the-sun atmosphere. When an opportunity came to relocate to Fort Lauderdale by another company, Dale accepted. He has spent the last eleven years discovering "the Venice of America" and South Florida itself. 

Dale is the author of three children's books and numerous articles. He has also worked as a copywriter for the South Florida real estate market.



Special Interests

Dale knows a lot about:

  • South Florida tourism
  • Cruising the Caribbean
  • Road Trips

Dale's Special Recommendations

Dale says, "Don't leave Ft. Lauderdale without experiencing the waterways. You'll see why residents choose to live here and why visitors want to stay."

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