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Jaclyn DeGiorgio

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Jaclyn DeGiorgio

Jaclyn DeGiorgio is a Milan-based storyteller and local food tour guide. After nearly a decade in New York's restaurant scene, where she did everything from waiting tables to PR to special events, she moved to Italy in 2013 and started writing. 

She covers mostly food and travel, and chronicles her adventures in Milan and beyond on her blog. She loves restaurants, wine bars, cocktail bars, traveling, cooking, yoga, and running, and when she's not engaging in any of the said endeavors, she's most likely reading. 

Special Interests

Jaclyn knows a lot about:

  • Milan and Northern Italy
  • Restaurants, wine, and cocktails
  • Being a better traveler

Jaclyn's Special Recommendations

"Every once in a while, put your camera away and just enjoy your surroundings. And don't forget to look up!" 

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