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Jill Dutton

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Jill Dutton

Jill Dutton is a food and travel writer specializing in local foods and how they're celebrated. For 20 years she has worked as a magazine publisher and freelance writer. Her travel writing focuses on liquor trends, outdoor activities, food, 50+ travel, train travel, and wellness topics. A paddle board and kayaking enthusiast, Jill enjoys exploring the U.S. waterways while traveling. When not traveling, she enjoys gardening, writing, and cooking. Her latest hobby is dehydrating and preserving food and she is writing a pantry cookbook about the process. 


Special Interests

Jill knows a lot about:

  • Travel U.S. by train.
  • How to preserve food.
  • Kayaking and paddle boarding.

Jill's Special Recommendations

Jill says, "In addition to barbecue and fountains, Kansas City has an active arts district you won't want to miss." 

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