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Karen Elowitt

Karen worked for several years as a newspaper reporter and copy editor before becoming a travel writer. She worked for renowned  travel expert Peter Greenberg before going freelance, and now edits a website about African travel. Over the last two decades Karen has visited 129 cities in 30 countries and lived in the UK and South Africa. Highlights of her travels include hiking on a glacier in France, swimming with tiger rays in Mexico, getting lost on the Metro in Moscow, and roaming the Negev desert in Israel. She enjoys photography, scuba diving, and eating ceviche.

Special Interests

Karen knows a lot about:

  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Horseback riding

Karen's Special Recommendations

Karen says, "Don't leave the U.S. Virgin Islands without taking a day trip on the water, such as snorkeling with sea turtles or sport fishing."

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