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Katie Greenaway

Katie’s 11-year love affair with Florence began when, as a student in Chicago, she decided to study abroad.  The attraction of living the Italian lifestyle and speaking its musical language came naturally: Katie’s grandmother was born in the province of Emilia-Romagna.   Katie dove headfirst into her heritage though contact with native Italian family members.  By 2009, she was off to Florence, and began the process of immersing herself in a new life.  

Since then, Katie has stayed happily busy, capturing the culture of her enchanting new home base through words and pictures.  She’s always exploring – often by bicycle - when not taking classes or working as an au pair.  You’d be most likely to run into her when checking out a hot new wine bar or popping into an espresso bar for a quick boost. Every day holds new surprises for our Florence-based expert, and the challenges of living in a new country keep Katie stimulated and inspired.  

Special Interests

Katie knows a lot about:

  • Photography
  • Mac products
  • How to make pasta all sorts of different ways.

10Best Lists by Katie Greenaway

Markets Chock Full of Freshness and Locals

Markets are and have long been of utmost importance in Florence. Families rely on them for fruits and vegetables, just as local restaurants need them for fresh produce and local ingredients for traditional...


Two Pubs with an Intimate Feel

Irish pubs are (perhaps strangely) all over Florence, but these are two special ones. They are both run by locals and welcome tourists. Great happy hour deals and colorful people abound at each. Nothing like...


Santi Apostoli: Calm and Serene

Florence holds many treasures inside its walls, and this site certainly numbers among them. Santi Apostoli is a small church that has persisted through a range of natural disasters. Though it sits near the noisy,...


Antique Tower Transformed Into an Elegant Hotel

Where you stay in a city like Florence, chances are you'll want a lodging that's luxurious but also unique. Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni is just the place to enjoy Florence in such a way. Idyllic terraces afford...


Original Tuscan Style Restaurants

Pangies and Vinaino welcome their customers with a smile and a friendly "Buongiorno!" These eateries serve up local flavor in the purest sense of the term–all the recipes are traditional Tuscan dishes, the...