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Kelsey Kinser

Kelsey grew up a latch key kid who passed the time working her way through the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, baking all manner of cakes and cookies. At age 19, she entered the world of professional kitchens and has been baking since.

In 2009, Kelsie graduated from the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago, IL. Since then, she has worked in numerous Michelin starred restaurants, small town bakeries, vegan delis, and catered many upscale events.

Kelsei's personal passion is for anything Greek, due to growing up next to a small, family-owned Greek restaurant.  She is looking forward to staying with them for a few months in the Summer of 2012, when everything will have come full circle. 


Special Interests

Kelsey knows a lot about:

  • Dating
  • Crafting
  • Makeup/beauty

Kelsey's Special Recommendations

Kelsey says, "Sometimes in your life, you simply must indulge." 

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