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About Kelsie & Guillaume

Kelsie & Guillaume

Kelsie (Macray) and Guillaume (Campanacci) met in Barcelona during the summer of 2007, while modeling. Genetically predisposed to romance, the Frenchman soon moved to Miami, where Kelsie was attending University.

Over the next 5 years they lived in Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Paris and New York City. . . all the while making travel to new and familiar places a priority. 

After an epic cross-country expedition, they have arrived in Los Angeles to pursue their true passion: cinema. Writing, directing and acting their way into the Hollywood scene will be no easy feat- but loving life on Venice Beach makes it pretty fun.

Special Interests

Kelsie & Guillaume knows a lot about:

  • Films
  • Healthy living
  • Adapting to new cultures and places

Kelsie & Guillaume's Special Recommendations

Kelsie and Guillaume say, "Life is an adventure.  Go where it takes you!"

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On a crispy fall evening, Los Angeles will never be out of stuff to do, but you can never go wrong with the thrills of an amusement park. Especially if that amusement park is a little nugget of history, and has...


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Turns out Malibu is just as enchanting as one might imagine. Sunbathing in late October, dolphin spotting, and fresh fish-n-chips can turn a day away from L.A. into a vacation.