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Liliana Erasmus, Aruba Local Expert

About Liliana

Born and raised in Aruba, Liliana moved to the Netherlands to continue her college education in Marketing. Since 1998 she’s been back on her beloved island, where she is working as a full-time writer in her native language Papiamento and in Dutch, official language of the Dutch Caribbean.

Liliana has enjoyed a varied career, which includes television work, voice acting, copy writing, reading promotion, illustrating, creative writing classes, column writing and sharing Aruba’s beauty secrets as a local expert.

Currently, Liliana’s finishing her first speculative fiction novel set in Aruba; one of the most extraordinary places on earth, according to her.

Special Interests

Liliana knows a lot about:

  • Nature Walks
  • The Dutch Caribbean culture
  • Discovering global cuisines

Liliana's Special Recommendations for Aruba

Liliana says, "Don't leave Aruba without exploring the northeast coast and visiting National Park Arikok"

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