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About Margaret

Margaret Littman

Journalist Margaret Littman is a both a relative newcomer to Nashville as well as an old-timer, having returned to what once was her college town as an adult. 

She is the author of many guidebooks, including Moon Tennessee, Moon Nashville and Moon Nashville to New Orleans Road Trip. Her work appears in Nashville Lifestyles, the Nashville Scene, PUNCH and other publications.

Since moving to Music City she has acquired a 1967 Ford pickup and a lot of pairs of cowboy boots, but still not the ability to carry a tune. In her free time, she's working her way through paddling in all 50 states.

Special Interests

Margaret knows a lot about:

  • The Natchez Trace
  • Where to boot shop
  • The best BBQ brisket

Margaret's Special Recommendations for Nashville

Don't leave without sampling Nashville's live music. You may think you don't like "country music," but it is more diverse than you think it is.

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