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Megy Karydes

About Megy

Megy Karydes

Megy Karydes has spent more than 20 years as a professional writer and most of her life in Chicago. While she’s traveled extensively internationally, visiting each of the 50 states is on her bucket list.

An adventure seeker, she’s game for anything from mixed martial arts training to competing in obstacle course races. A self-proclaimed coffee snob and “greenie” who loves farmer-grown food and locally-grown craft beers & wine. She’s yet to find an outdoor beer garden she doesn’t like. 

Mixing writing and food/drink is her specialty, especially when it involves travel.

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Special Interests

Megy knows a lot about:

  • food, wine, craft cocktails
  • road trips
  • cycling

Megy's Special Recommendations

Megy says, "Don't leave Chicago without getting a picture with the CloudGate sculpture, or 'The Bean' as we call it in Chicago, at Millennium Park."

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