Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Luxury in the Aspen/Snowmass area comes in two varieties: man-made and 100% all-natural. The human-sourced opulence starts with nonpareil service from on-mountain staff and extends to the five-star hotels, spas, restaurants and bars that anchor the town’s amenities. The nature-made extravagance flows from the 14,000-foot peaks looming above town and onto the wide slopes, sculpted bowls and gentle glades of the ski hills. Thanks to a deep menu of children’s activities, kids should be just as enamored of Aspen/Snowmass, although the indulgence comes at a price for wee ones and graybeards alike. But with loads of kid-specific on- and off-mountain attractions, they’ll always be entertained. And the town's long history with mining and the rock climbing culture offer a bit of grit, should you want a remedy from all that fur-lined glitz.

Photo courtesy of Aspen/Snowmass