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These are 10 of the best food stops at gas stations in the U.S.

Sometimes the best food is in a place you least expect it – perhaps one you pass by every week or on long trips. We’re talking about gas stations, but not for their bags of pork rinds or sugary drinks.

These gas stations offer food worthy of long stops – and you might even drive out of the way for them. Here are 10 of the best across the United States.

Sunrise Grocery - Blairsville, Georgia

Dating back to the 1920s, Sunrise Grocery boils its green peanuts until they become soft, with spices sometimes added.

Danny & Clyde’s Food Store - Metairie, Louisiana

The po'boys here are made with flaky French bread, filled with everything from fried shrimp to hot sausage to roast beef with gravy.

Casey’s - Marshalltown, Iowa

Found at gas stations around the Midwest, breakfast pizza has a basic crust topped with egg, cheese and sausage. Casey's has versions with sausage, bacon or veggies.

Allsup’s - Taos, New Mexico

Nicknamed "The Chimi," the burrito at Allsup’s comes in beef and bean or chicken versions, conveniently wrapped and ready to eat.

Gott’s Store - Southwest Harbor, Maine

Whoopie pies at Gott's are an essential road trip stop. The dessert is made of two soft cookies or pieces of cake with frosting in between.

Slovacek's - West, Texas

The kolach resembles a yeast dinner roll that has been stuffed with sweet or savory flavors like cheese, jam or sausage and jalapenos. Slovacek's offers 35 flavors of this pastry.

Aloha Island Mart - Honolulu, Hawaii

In the musubi at Aloha Island Mart, Spam is placed atop rice and wrapped in nori, making it a form of onigiri. It can be found throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos - Pescadero, California

Thanks to its coastal locale, this humble gas station restaurant on the PCH has a seafood-heavy menu including classic fish tacos.

Mid Atlantic Market - Morgantown, West Virginia

Grab an Appalachian pepperoni roll at Mid Atlantic Market. Made up of a yeast roll stuffed with pepperoni, they can be served at room temperature or warmed.

King Chicken Fillin’ Station - Belden, Mississippi

Set inside Lee County’s oldest gas station, King Chicken is known for its golden fried chicken, especially alongside a biscuit topped with honey butter.

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