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10 Canadian foods you need to try

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Canada's provinces vary tremendously when it comes to regional foods. Here are 10 quintessentially Canadian foods that you should try.

Nanaimo bars

This dessert was created in Nanaimo, B.C. and it has three layers: coconut graham cracker crust, buttery custard center and chocolate ganache top.


Poutine is slang for “mess." Authentic poutine has squeaky cheese curds, beef gravy and thick cut potatoes.

Butter tarts

Every Canadian has an opinion on what makes the perfect butter tart. The gooey buttery filling is reminiscent of a pecan pie with a flaky, single serving crust.


This French-Canadian meat pie has been a classic since the 1600s. Ground pork and other ground meats are mixed with breadcrumbs and spices and surrounded by a delectable buttery crust.

Beaver tails

This Canadian-based chain sells fried pastries stretched and shaped like beaver tails. Served simply with cinnamon sugar, or smothered in Nutella, this Canadian doughnut is a sweet indulgence.


This flat, quick bread was originally from Scotland, but adopted early by the indigenous Canadian community. Cut into wedges, bannock resembles a simple scone.

Smoked meat sandwiches

Developed by Jewish delis in Quebec, beef brisket is salted and cured with spices to make one heck of a sandwich. Served simply with mustard and a pickle on the side, it's also known as viande fumée.

Montreal bagels

What makes a Montreal bagel so special? It's a wood-fired, baked bagel that is smaller, sweeter (due to the addition of honey) and denser than its New York counterpart.

Maple syrup

Canada produces over 70% of the world's maple syrup, which must be made exclusively from maple sap to count as maple syrup.

Peameal bacon

This back bacon made from boneless pork loin is extremely different from what is labeled as "Canadian bacon." It’s cured in a pickling brine and then rolled in cornmeal.

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