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10 fun ways to brew coffee at home

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Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks, so it makes sense that there are a multitude of ways to make it. Each results in a unique cup with different flavors and levels of caffeine. Here are 10 ways to brew.

Drip coffee

The perks to making drip coffee with your coffee maker is that you can just hit a button and walk away, allowing the machine to do the rest of the work.

Pour over coffee

Pour over coffees are similar to your home drip coffee maker, but without the machine. Steadily pouring water over the grounds allows you to evenly steep them for a smoother, more flavorful brew.

Cold brew coffee

To make cold brew coffee, just put your coffee grounds into a container, add water, and place in the refrigerator overnight. This results in a smooth, less acidic coffee in the morning.

Kyoto slow drip coffee

The Kyoto slow drip looks like a complex Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, but it makes a coffee that’s a cross between a cold brew and a slow drip coffee.

Vietnamese coffee

The Vietnamese coffee maker, also known as a phin, is the perfect size for a single serving of coffee. Pour hot water over coarse ground coffee which is then filtered through a small metal sieve.

French press coffee

With the French press, coffee grounds are put directly into the glass container and hot water is poured over top. After a few minutes, slowly push down the plunger which will filter the coffee.

AeroPress coffee

The AeroPress might look confusing, but it’s very similar to the French press. It instead uses a paper filter to filter out the coffee grounds and sediment, leaving behind a clean cup of coffee.

Moka pot coffee

Water is put in the bottom of the device, coffee is put in a device in the middle, and as the water heats up, it moves up through the coffee grounds to the top section of the pot.

Vacuum coffee (siphon)

This method creates a vacuum which pulls the coffee from the top chamber through a filter and into the bottom bulb, resulting in a strong, smooth brew.


Espressos are perfect for full-flavored pick-me-ups that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Pressurized water is poured quickly over finely ground coffee beans, resulting in a highly concentrated shot of coffee.

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