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10 of the best bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers in the U.S.

Allow these 10 spectacular bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers to satisfy all of your chocolate cravings.

Nuance Chocolate

Image courtesy of Nuance Chocolate

Toby and Alix Gadd of Nuance Chocolate are the most prolific single-origin chocolate makers in the world, with up to two dozen different origins on hand at any given time.

Ritual Chocolate

Image courtesy of Blake Peterson

Founders Anna Davies and Robbie Stout write fun tasting notes for each bar including suggestions for how to enjoy, like pairing the fleur de sel bar with your favorite pinot noir while watching the sunset.

Volo Chocolate

Image courtesy of Laurie Hiatt

Jeff and Susan Mall source cacao from farmers' associations in Guatemala and Haiti, and every bar is made and wrapped by hand at their small Sonoma County workshop in Windsor, California.

Chocolate Alchemist

Image courtesy of Judith Suzarra-Campbell and Joshua Lee Mallory

Robert Campbell is a self-proclaimed super taster and Chocolate Alchemist. Campbell eschews refined sugars in favor of panela, maple sugar and coconut sugar to create rustic but sublime bars.

Mindo Chocolate

Image courtesy of Anne Savage

Barbara and José have a workshop in Ecuador where they work directly with organic independent farmers to source Nacional cacao beans. But the chocolate is made at home in Dexter, Michigan.

Xocolatl de David

Image courtesy of Kari Young

Savory flavors like brown butter, hazelnut black truffle, sourdough olive oil and foie gras have garnered David Briggs a slew of Good Food and International Chocolate Awards for his Xocolatl de David chocolate bars.

Indi Chocolate

Image courtesy of Indi Chocolate

Erin Andrews works directly with cacao farmers and cooperatives in Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic among others to make small batch, single origin, dark chocolate at Indi Chocolate.

French Broad Chocolates

Image courtesy of French Broad Chocolates

Founders Jael and Dan Rattigan have a serious commitment to sustainability and ethical cacao sourcing. Their single-origin Costa Rica 80% bar is made with beans from their friend's farm in Costa Rica.

Dandelion Chocolate

Image courtesy of Anne Fishbein

Although they're bigger than the other chocolate makers on this list, Dandelion still makes chocolate by hand in San Francisco using just two ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar.

Harper Macaw

Image courtesy of Harper Macaw

Harper Macaw sources all of their cacao beans direct-trade from three different farms in Brazil and a farm in the Dominican Republic. They're dedicated to using cacao to help with conservation efforts and reforestation in both countries.

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