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10 of the best hot chocolates across the United States

Hot chocolate has been getting a lot of attention lately, and chefs have gotten really creative. Here are some of the best hot chocolates across the country.

Kakawa Chocolate House - Santa Fe, NM

Image courtesy of Kakawa Chocolate House

Kakawa has a line of hot drinking chocolates – called elixirs – in a variety of flavors. In addition to elixirs with flowers and chilis, there’s Italian Citrus and French Lavender.

French Broad Chocolate - Asheville, NC

Image courtesy of Kristina Valdiviezo for French Broad Chocolate

French Broad is all about fair trade and organic chocolates. You can enjoy a silky dark sipping chocolate or creamy milk chocolate.

Shane Confectionery - Philadelphia, PA

Image courtesy of Shane Confectionery

Shane Confectionery has recently released hot chocolate bombs in the shape of one of Philadelphia’s most iconic symbols: The Liberty Bell. It's filled with housemade vanilla marshmallows.

Katherine Anne Confections - Chicago, IL

Image courtesy of Katherine Anne Confections

At Katherine Anne, there are not only a wide variety of hot chocolate flavors to enjoy, but a nice selection of marshmallow flavors as well. How about a salted caramel hot chocolate with cinnamon sugar marshmallows?

The Little Nell - Aspen, CO

Image courtesy of C2 Photography/The Little Nell

Craft hot chocolate is a sweet addition to luxury accommodations at The Little Nell. The drink comes with housemade marshmallows and an optional shot of liqueur.

La Chatelaine Chocolat Co. - Bozeman, MT

Image courtesy of Ethan Spratt and Shannon Grochowski

Aromatic spices blend with the rich earthiness of cacao evoking complex profiles of fruity notes and peppery spices. Every cup of hot cocoa at Le Chatelaine is elegant yet comforting.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co. - Portland, OR

Image courtesy of Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

If you’re looking for a delicious hot chocolate you can make at home or give as a gift to a loved one, you can’t go wrong with Moonstruck’s line of decadent hot chocolates.

Christopher Elbow - Kansas City, MO

Image courtesy of Teresa Floyd

Christopher Elbow offers a variety of hot chocolates you can make at home and ship around the country, but the hot chocolates they make at their in-store locations are so unique and satisfying.

Sucré - New Orleans, LA

Image courtesy of Emily Ferretti

Their le chocolat chaud, a Parisian hot chocolate, seems simple at first glance, but complex at first sip. The hot drinking chocolate is thick and silky. It’s incredibly chocolatey but has subtle notes of vanilla.

Popbar - Multiple locations

Image courtesy of Popbar

Popbar’s concept is simple – every treat you could ever desire on a stick. Similar to hot chocolate bombs, all you have to do is add hot milk to bring your hot chocolate beverage to life.

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