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10 photography tips from a pro

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Push your photography skills to the next level with these 10 tips for getting started at home from Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich.

1. Get outside

Natural daylight is one of the best sources of lighting, especially on a slightly overcast day. Experiment with blurring the background of your photos by adjusting aperture.

"We all need fresh air (especially now). Head to your backyard, the roof of your building, etc. And when outside, shoot portraits. Make the image about the faces of your family. Portraits are timeless."

-Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich

2. Capture energy

Slowing down your shutter speed can help create blur to convey the idea of motion, while a fast shutter speed will capture motion in freeze frame.

"Great photographs contain energy. Keep the camera in your hand and just keep shooting. Look for those fleeting moments."

Photo: Corey Rich

-Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich

3. Remember the quiet moments

"Look for genuine interaction," says Rich. "By using a longer lens, I was able to step away from my father and my daughter to capture this more intimate moment. But be patient. Take your time."

4. Experiment with angles

Crouch down, lie on the floor, or climb on something to create more interesting images.

"Surprise your viewer with your camera angle or perspective. Using the flip screen on your camera, place your camera on the ground to shoot up, or stand on furniture so that you can achieve high angles."

Photo: Corey Rich

-Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich

5. Take a burst of images

Don’t be afraid to turn on your camera's burst mode to help you capture the perfect action shots.

"By shooting 6 frames per second I was able to capture this moment with my daughter’s feet off the ground, and it helps tell the story of running to the door excited."

Photo: Corey Rich

-Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich

6. Get close up

"Focus your lens at its minimum focus distance and force yourself to find images that are close to the camera," explains Rich. Fill the frame.

7. Notice reflections

Look for reflections on tabletops, counters and glass to add interest to your images. "Alter your camera angle to find the reflection," says Rich. "Often these are very subtle moves."

8. Dirty the foreground

Make sure to shoot with a wide aperture to blur the foreground and draw the eye to your subject.

"While my daughter was painting on our deck, I shot through the paintbrushes and buckets. It made for a more interesting photograph."

Photo: Corey Rich

-Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich

9. Look for details

The little things can say a lot about the bigger picture. "Look for the small parts - images that help tell a more complete story," advises Rich.

10. Watch for interaction

Our most memorable moments are often those we spend with those we love. Practice capturing these special moments that make up your day to day.

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