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10 songs about roads you need to add to your road trip playlist

We've put together a compilation of songs for your road trip playlist about the paths that get you from point A to point B: roads.

"Ventura Highway" - America

In "Ventura Highway," vocalist and songwriter Dewey Bunnell recalls the feeling of traveling the Pacific Coast Highway with his family as a child, in contrast with the cold winters he endured in Omaha.

"Down I-5" - Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs

Before Neko Case sang about the "Curse of the I-5 Corridor", she took the lead on this ode to roadside beauty and the quiet joys of driving.

"I-76" - G. Love & Special Sauce

If anyone were going to pen a Valentine to the interstate system in the greater Philadelphia area, it'd be hometown heroes G. Love & Special Sauce.

"Two Lane Highway" - Pure Prairie League

"Two Lane Highway" tells the tale of a man who makes his living on the road. The road is a double-edged sword as it takes him away, but also delivers him "home at last."

"Route 66" - Depeche Mode

"(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" has been scattered, smothered and covered since its original release in 1946 by Bobby Troup. We chose the version by Depeche Mode because it offers a startlingly different electronic take.

"Highway 49" - Howlin' Wolf and Eric Clapton

"Highway 49" tells the story of a man looking for his love. Howlin' Wolf, one of the greatest Chicago blues artists of all time, teamed up with Eric Clapton to release their version of the tune.

"Take the Highway" - The Marshall Tucker Band

The first track on The Marshall Tucker Band's eponymous debut album, "Take the Highway" is a classic. The Southern rock track is infused with a jazzy jam band sound, emphasized by the outstanding use of the flute.

"Highway 101" - Social Distortion

SoCal's Social Distortion was no stranger to driving up the coast or passing Ventura and Santa Barbara. This is a song about reveling in the sights, sounds and scents of home, and following the palm trees under the California sun.

"Highway Forever" - The Presidents of the United States of America

"Highway Forever" tells the story of one man's frantic, seemingly endless journey across the country to return home to the lady he loves.

"I-95" - Fountains of Wayne

The story that "I-95" tells is a familiar one: about traveling the long road separating two lovers. It's about longing, isolation, and devotion – a long trek that's sometimes beautiful and sometimes tedious but proves to be well-worth it in the end.

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