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10 types of apples to try this fall

The wide selection of apples in the produce section can be overwhelming, but instead of sticking to the familiar, here are ten other delicious apples to try this fall.

Cosmic Crisp

A cross-breed of Honeycrisp and Enterprise, the Cosmic Crisp takes the best qualities of both of these apples and combines them into a delicious, crisp and juicy apple.


As a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz apples, the Opal has a distinctly sweet and tangy flavor. A neat, naturally occurring feature of the Opal is that they don’t brown after cutting.


If you’re not a fan of tart apples, the Envy might be for you. The Envy is sweet and refreshing, and given their crunchy texture, they make a great addition to a wide spectrum of dishes.


As a cross between a Honeycrisp and a Zestar apple, the SweeTango takes on flavors of honey and spices with a hint of tart citrus. It’s the perfect apple to use in apple-centric dishes.


This is a strong and sharply flavored apple that’s not overly tart, thanks to the hint of pear flavor. The Jazz stays fresh for some time, so it’s an amazing apple to stock your fruit bowl.


Though its parent is the Honeycrisp, the Rave apple has a bit more acidity and tartness. And because they're very juicy, they're not the best option to bake with. They're succulent enough to just bite right into.

Ginger Gold

The Ginger Gold apple is pretty mild in flavor with a hint of ginger, as mentioned in its name. This variety ripens a bit earlier than most other apples with their season beginning as early as August.


The Jonagold is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan apple. It takes on the soft, delicate skin and texture of a Golden Delicious and the juicy and mildly spiced flavor of the Jonathan.


The Piñata has the texture of a crisp, juicy apple, and though it tastes like an apple, it also has a flavor reminiscent of pineapple. The Piñata also withstands heat, so it’s a great apple for baking and cooking.


These apples were bred to enjoy through the winter months. Not only can the RubyFrost endure a bit of brisk weather, they reach their peak flavor during the winter months, making it a great, late season apple.

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