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10 unique styles of pizza across the United States

Americans love pizza, but American pizza is not just one dish, and is rather a genre of nuanced dishes across the country. Here are 10 unique pizza types.

Chicago deep dish - Illinois

The tall crust of a deep dish holds in a pool of tomato sauce and a generous layer of cheese. Digging into one reveals dense layers of gooey dough, chunky sauce and a thick layer of cheese.

Detroit-style - Michigan

This pizza has a square or rectangular shape and it has a crust that's thick, airy and spongy like focaccia. And the sauce goes on top of the toppings instead of on top of the dough, giving the pizza its nickname "red top."

California-style - California

These pizzas tend to be thin crust and single-serving sized, and they're topped with healthier ingredients such as artichoke, corn and especially avocado.

Tomato pie - New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is known for its tomato pies, where they’re served cold as a square pie with no cheese. But there’s also a Trenton, New Jersey tomato pie that’s round and has cheese beneath the sauce.

Pizza strips - Rhode Island

Pizza strips are technically a kind of tomato pie. They're just cut into thin, conveniently portable strips rather than large squares.

Grandma-style - Long Island, New York

This is a square pie with a crust that's thinner and crispier than Detroit-style pizza. The sauce goes on top of the cheese instead of underneath it.

St. Louis-style - Missouri

The crust on this pizza is incredibly thin, almost as thin as a cracker because the dough is made with no yeast. The pizza is also topped with Provel, a processed cheese product that’s local to St. Louis.

Greek pizza - New England

To bake a Greek pizza, a lot of oil is used. This results in a dough that’s a little wet, a crispy crust and a bottom that is almost like fried dough. They’re usually topped with feta cheese, Kalamata olives and spinach.

Colorado mountain pie - Colorado

This pizza has a thick braided crust that's made with honey instead of sugar, and it’s customary for diners to dunk the crust in honey as well. The pie is thick and piled high with an impressive amount of toppings.

Ohio Valley pizza - Ohio

The magic of the Ohio Valley pizza happens when it’s taken out of the oven, and more toppings are introduced after it's baked. Cold mozzarella cheese is sprinkled on top, and if it strikes your fancy, cold pepperoni as well.

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