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10 ways to satisfy your wanderlust at home

We've gotten pretty good at social distancing and staying at home over the last year. To satisfy our wanderlust and stay safe, here are 10 ways we've learned to get our travel fix from our couches.

Watch animal cams

Adorable animal antics can be more entertaining than TV. Observers can see everything from wild walruses to kittens – right from their living room.

Transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite

You may not be able to check into a hotel right now, but why not bring the hotel to you? Authentic hotel amenities and furnishings will make you happy to be at home.

Travel the country with evocative reads

Amazing descriptive details and wondrous senses of place can transport you to other worlds. There's a book to transport you to all 50 states.

Visit national parks from your couch

Some of the most popular national parks in the country offer inventive ways to explore their vast expanses without ever having to move from your sofa.

Watch safari cams

Get wild and go on virtual safari with animal cams and live streams, set up around the world to capture wildlife in their natural habitats.

Enjoy far-flung Netflix sitcoms and dramas

The increase of international offerings on Netflix makes it easy to immerse yourself in new cultures – all while cuddled up under your favorite blanket.

Get lost in a new world with a video game

If you're feeling restless, go on a journey (or quest) in a vivid video game world.

Watch travel shows on Netflix

Set out on an adventure or go on a virtual vacation with Netflix's most popular travel shows – all from the comfort of your home.

Scratch your travel itch with board games

Board games, ranging from long and intense to quick and easy, can help scratch that wanderlust itch with elements of exploration, in addition to travel themes.

Go on virtual tours of beautiful destinations

Virtually explore gorgeous places around the globe– a great starting point for a destination wish list when it's safe to travel again.

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