by Jacky Runice

10 ways to support your local restaurants

Order Out

Go to websites like Dining at a Distance, which aggregate lists of open restaurants in your city.

Get spirited

Many bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries and distilleries are offering alcohol for pick up and delivery.

Buy gift cards

Purchasing gift cards and certificates helps restaurant staff now, and you can use your card when restaurants re-open.


Booking an event now for a date in the future injects much-needed cash into a restaurant’s lifeline. Think holidays and birthdays.

Buy merch

Cool T-shirts, branded mugs and glasses, caps, and swizzle sticks are some of the possibilities that could be available at your favorite restaurant or bar.


Many restaurants are crowdfunding to help cover the cost of out-of-work employees.

Stock the freezer and pantry

When you’re placing your delivery or takeout order, ask the restaurant for raw ingredients and pantry staples.

Support farmers

They are hurting now, too, and many are offering delivery options to those who need farm-fresh produce, meat and more.

Urge elected officials to help

Write emails, letters and social media posts urging them to take action on matters that are important to the industry.

Leave positive reviews to help stimulate business



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