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10 ways to use sourdough starter (besides bread)

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There are plenty of creative and fun ways to use your sourdough starter to make delicious treats, so that you don't have to throw away too much come feeding time.


To make your pancake batter a bit airier, and give the pancakes a mild sour flavor, add some active sourdough starter to it.


When you’re adding sourdough starter to your biscuits, be sure to keep an eye on the hydration. Though biscuits with a bit of leaven are delightful, you want to make sure your batter isn’t too wet or too dry.

Sourdough pretzels

Part of what makes these salted, twisted snacks so tasty is the tangy flavor of the sourdough. And there are plenty of ways to make them.

Pizza dough

The best part of a pizza dough is the crust, and to get a crust that’s lightly crusted on the outside and doughy on the inside, try adding sourdough.

Cinnamon rolls

When it comes to flavorful treats like cinnamon rolls, the addition of leaven can help complement the powerful woodsy spice. Sweet and sour may seem like opposing flavors, but together, they add a lot of complexity to your baking.

Pastry dough

A sourdough pastry dough can balance the tartness of some berry pies, bring out the subtle sourness of apple pies, and enhance chocolate custard pies, all while maintaining a flaky crust.


Not only does it add a pungent kick to your cornbread, adding your starter can also give the cornbread a cakey consistency.

Chocolate chip cookies

You may never bake chocolate chip cookies the same way ever again after introducing some sourdough starter to your cookie dough.


The richness of chocolate really comes through when amplified by a bit of sourdough starter. It gives an extra acidity and tanginess to every gooey, cakey bite.


Muffins are an excellent blank canvas in baking. There are so many possibilities, and the addition of your sourdough starter only expands those options.

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