By Lydia Schrandt

These 10 wild animal cams will take you on safari

At any given moment, live cam feeds can transport us to the wilds of South Africa, the waters of Monterey Bay, the Panamanian rainforest or the icy expanses of Northern Canada.

Spend some time on safari with these 10 live cams that capture wild animals.

Battle of the birds

At the time of this writing, an osprey nest in Charlo, Montana has become a war zone between a pair of Canada geese and the rightful residents, a pair of osprey.

Jungle fruit feeder

More than 50 species of birds, along with numerous mammals, butterflies and other insects, have been spotted at this feeder at the Canopy Lodge in Panama.

Elkhorn Slough sea otters

This pair of cams overlooks the salt marshes and tidal creeks of Elkhorn Slough near Monterey Bay. You may spot southern sea otters in the wild.

The Great White North

October and November are the best months to spot polar bears on the cam at Wapusk National Park, but the landscape (and occasional northern lights display) is always impressive.

Shetland puffins

Check out this cliff cam during the months of May, June and July for the best chances of spotting these quirky birds.

Under the sea

Perhaps the most zen cam on our list is the one monitoring the kelp forest just off the coast of Anacapa Island in California's Channel Islands National Park.

Galapagos tortoises

Look out for the Galapagos tortoise at a pond outside Semilla Verde Hotel in Isla Santa Cruz, which you can watch via Skyline Webcams.

African river safari

At this live cam set up near Naledi Game Lodge, you might see hippos and crocodiles in the water, elephants and giraffe on the river banks, and baboons and owls in the trees.

Transylvania bear watching

This Romanian web cam captures brown bears, wolves, wild boars, foxes and deer. Night vision cameras make wildlife spotting possible 24/7.

New Zealand albatross

This streaming cam takes viewers to Otago Peninsula on the southeastern tip of New Zealand's South Island, where northern royal albatross make their nests.

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