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These are the best roadside attractions in the Midwest

America’s highways and interstates are dotted with kitschy theme parks, bizarre curiosities and "world’s largest" objects. Here are the best roadside attractions in the Midwestern states.

Illinois - Kaskaskia Dragon

Image courtesy of @loganczar via Instagram

This 35-foot-tall dragon stands guard over an RV park in the town of Vandalia. Local stores sell "dragon tokens" that, when inserted, prompt flames to erupt from the dragon’s mouth.

Indiana - World’s Largest Ball of Paint

Image courtesy of @madisonsego via Instagram

Located in Alexandria, the ball weighs in at more than 4,000 pounds made from 23,400 or so layers of paint. Visitors can even add a coat of paint themselves.

Iowa - Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

Image courtesy of Iowa Tourism Office

In 2228 (or 2238 depending on what fan site you check), James Tiberius Kirk of "Star Trek" fame will be born in the town of Riverside. A stone marker behind a hair salon commemorates the spot.

Kansas - World's Largest Ball of Twine

Image courtesy of @boneclinks13 via Instagram

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine began in 1953. Frank Stoeber, the man behind the marvel, completed the 5,000-pound ball in four years and gave it to Cawker City.

Michigan - Town of Hell

Image courtesy of Santos Chronicles

If someone tells you to "go to Hell," they may be talking about Hell, Michigan, located 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor. Send a scorched card to a friend (or enemy) from the town’s post office.

Minnesota - Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

Image courtesy of Explore Minnesota

Visitors can snap their photo with the iconic lumberjack and his giant blue ox (Babe) in Bemidji, where they’ve stood since 1937 and 1939 respectively.

Missouri - Leila's Hair Museum

Image courtesy of City of Independence Tourism

This museum in Independence has a collection that includes jewelry and wreaths made from human hair. Some pieces contain hair from Queen Victoria, several U.S. Presidents and numerous celebrities.

Nebraska - Carhenge

In 1987, the Reinders family constructed a replica of Stonehenge made from 38 junkyard cars. The landmark, just north of Alliance, has quickly become one of the state’s top attractions.

North Dakota - Salem Sue

The town of New Salem is home to the "World’s Largest Holstein Cow," built to honor the region’s dairy farming industry. Salem Sue stands 38 feet tall and can be seen from up to five miles away.

Ohio - Field of Concrete Corn

Image courtesy of @badwayz4life via Instagram

The "Field of Corn (with Osage Oranges Trees)" in Dublin features 109 human-sized ears of corn in row patterns – a tribute to the community’s farming heritage.

South Dakota - Porter Sculpture Park

Image courtesy of @lauragriertravel via Instagram

The Porter Sculpture Park, located 30 miles west of Sioux Falls, features more than 50 larger-than-life sculptures, including a 60-foot bull’s head.

Wisconsin - Pinkie the Pink Elephant

Image courtesy of @ianmtb via Instagram

If you’re driving through Wisconsin, consider stopping to say hello to one of DeForest’s most famous residents, a giant pink elephant with thick black glasses by the name of Pinkie.

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