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These are the best roadside attractions in the South

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America’s highways and interstates are dotted with kitschy theme parks, bizarre curiosities and "world’s largest" objects. Here are the best roadside attractions in the Southern states.

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Alabama - Lady in the Lake

According to local lore, this giant fiberglass sculpture, created by Mark Cline, started off as an April Fools' joke. These days, the Lady can be found in the public Barber Marina in Elberta.

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Arkansas - Alma Popeye Fountain

Everyone’s favorite sailor stands tall in his very own fountain in the town of Alma, which has called itself the Spinach Capital of the World.

Delaware - Miles the Monster

Pull into the parking lot at the Dover International Speedway to see Miles the Monster, a 46-foot fiberglass creature with red eyes, an angry expression and a race car he looks ready to crush.

Florida - Weeki Wachee mermaids

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park features a 400-seat auditorium with a submerged stage inside the natural spring where the park’s famous mermaids perform underwater feats.

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Georgia - Doll's Head Trail

Located on the grounds of a former brick factory, Doll's Head Trail gets its name from the collection of discarded doll parts in an ever-evolving installation.

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Kentucky - The Chained Rock

Legend will tell you that a giant boulder hangs above Pineville, held in place by a massive chain tethering it to its spot. In reality, Chained Rock was created as a roadside attraction in the 1930s.

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Louisiana - Britney Spears Museum

The Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum honors the pop star who put the tiny town of Kentwood on the map. The museum has four rooms filled with Britney memorabilia.

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Maryland - Spocott Windmill

An 1800s village just outside Cambridge is home to Maryland’s only post-style windmill. The entire structure can be rotated into the wind, and the mill still operates occasionally.

Mississippi - Windsor Ruins

This series of 23 Corinthian columns are all that remain of the largest pre-Civil War Greek Revival home in Mississippi, just outside Port Gibson.

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North Carolina - Vollis Simpson's Whirligig Park

This art park in Downtown Wilson features kinetic sculptures by WWII veteran and resident Vollis Simpson. These "whirligigs" were made with a host of old moving pieces.

Oklahoma - POPS

A drive along Route 66 through Oklahoma wouldn’t be complete without a stop at POPS in Arcadia, marked by a 66-foot-tall soda pop bottle. The gas station sells nearly 500 different sodas.

South Carolina - The Peachoid

South Carolina is home to one of the most photographed water tanks in the United States, known as the Peachoid. The giant peach in Gaffney was painted to resemble the peaches grown in Cherokee County.

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Tennessee - The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

The quirky collection in Gatlinburg is made up of 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers from around the globe, as well as a sizable collection of pepper mills.

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Texas - Marfa Lights

Pull over to the viewing platform on Highway 90 in Presidio County at night to witness the strange lights hovering on the horizon, sometimes darting back and forth.

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Virginia - Dinosaur Kingdom II

Dinosaur Kingdom II transports guests back to the Civil War, with a Jurassic twist. Walk among the life-sized displays of dinosaurs duking it out with Union and Confederate troops.

Photo courtesy of Carol M. Highsmith / Library of Congress

West Virginia - Hillbilly Hot Dogs

This roadside hot dog stand features a huge selection of hot dogs, including the Original WidowMaker (a 30-inch, two-pound hot dog with four pounds of toppings).

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