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These are the best varieties of five common fruits

Centuries of human cultivation and millennia of natural selection have resulted in dozens of different fruits each carrying the same name.

From pears to lemons, and even mangoes, these are the most beloved (and most delicious!) singular subtypes of each.

Alphonso mangoes

Unlike the readily available mangoes imported from Mexico, which sometimes possess a fibrous, stringy texture, Alphonsos are downright creamy and have a more intense flavor.

Meyer lemons

The aroma of these lemons is downright herbal, or even spicy, which pleasantly contrasts with the taste. Unlike everyday lemons that have an acidic bite, Meyers are sweet and smooth.

Bosc pears

Bosc pears are known as much for their instantly recognizable teardrop shape and sandy brown color as they are for their pleasing buttery texture, which seems to melt upon the tongue.

Arunachal Pradesh kiwis

Indian kiwi farmers produce a fruit that is acidic, crisp and juicy – and nutritionally quite dense. The fruit’s unusual quality means it can even be fermented into wine.

Key limes

Key limes are noticeably more acidic (and seedier inside) than everyday limes. They're also exponentially more aromatic than other varieties.

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