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Find the best craft whiskey in the U.S. at these distilleries

The American craft whiskey scene has really come into its own over the past few years, expanding beyond the traditional Tennessee and Kentucky bourbons to include ryes, single malts, blends and white whiskeys made with a combination of old-world and new-school techniques.

We asked a panel of American spirits experts to nominate 20 of the best craft whiskey distilleries in the USA, then our readers voted for the best. These are the top 10 winners.

10. Virginia Distillery Co. - Lovingston, Virginia

Image courtesy of Virginia Distillery Co.

This distillery blends Old and New World techniques when crafting their line-up. Copper pot stills were imported from Scotland, while the temperature fluctuations of the local climate add complexity during the aging process.

9. Sugarlands Distilling Company - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Image courtesy of Sugarlands Distilling Company

While Sugarlands is best known for its moonshines, they also make award-winning Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey, a cask strength spirit with notes of black pepper, vanilla, tobacco, caramel and oak.

8. High Wire Distilling - Charleston, South Carolina

Image courtesy of Miguel Biencamino

Small-batch whiskeys from High Wire include New Southern Revival Sorghum Whiskey distilled from Tennessee-grown sorghum wheat, and a cask-finished Bourbon Whiskey aged in madeira barrels.

7. Belfour Spirits - Dallas, Texas

Image courtesy of Belfour Spirits

Hockey legend Ed Belfour has turned to whiskey making through Belfour Spirits. These small-batch spirits include a rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey finished with Texas pecan wood and a limited edition straight rye whiskey.

6. Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. - Galena, Illinois

Image courtesy of Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.

The Blaum Bros. lineup includes a straight bourbon, straight rye, cask-strength bourbon and a series of limited edition reserve whiskeys.

5. Sagamore Spirit - Baltimore, Maryland

Image courtesy of Sagamore Spirit

Whiskey lovers can choose from Sagamore Spirit's line of six rye whiskies, including a cask strength, double oak, port finish and moscatel barrel finished whiskey.

4. Redwood Empire Whiskey - Graton, California

Image courtesy of Redwood Empire Whiskey

Redwood Empire's Lost Monarch, named after the largest coastal Redwood, is a blended bourbon-rye whiskey with a balance of sweetness and spice.

3. Limestone Branch - Lebanon, Kentucky

Image courtesy of Limestone Branch

The award-winning Limestone Branch line-up includes Yellowstone Select (a straight blended bourbon), Yellowstone Limited Edition (the best of Limestone Branch’s own stock) and Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey finished in sherry casks.

2. Treaty Oak Distilling - Dripping Springs, Texas

Image courtesy of Treaty Oak Distilling

Treaty Oak in Texas makes a few different whiskeys. That includes Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon, which is mashed, fermented and distilled on-site using local heirloom grains.

1. Ironroot Republic Distillery - Denison, Texas

Image courtesy of Ironroot Republic Distillery

Ironroot Republic mashes, ferments, distills, ages and bottles all their spirits in Denison for a true grain-to-glass experience. The lineup includes three whiskies – two straight bourbons and a limited release straight corn whiskey.

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