By Corinne Whiting

How to maintain your Zen at home and stay calm

Stay Calm

As the world finds itself navigating uncharted territory, it's easy to focus on the fear and uncertainty. However, there are many things we can do in an attempt to stay clear-minded.

"I believe that anxiety at its heart is fear of the future. When we give into fear, we are no longer here. Luckily, there are many ways to handle fear in a functional and effective way."

Jeremiah Zemler, licensed mental health counselor associate

Check the Facts

It's very important to stay informed right now, using credible sources. It's also crucial to limit time spent scrolling headlines and tuning into the flurry of activity on social media.

Focus on what you can control...

...and take action.

Work on a home project you've been putting off, offer to deliver groceries to someone in need or order takeout from a local restaurant.

"You never have to just wait and sit in fear or anxiety. Pull yourself to the present through checking the facts and taking action. Drive the change you want in your life."

Jeremiah Zemler, licensed mental health counselor associate

Accept what is

"Be kind to yourself. Accept reality as it exists. Radical acceptance is the name of a skill that calls for you to accept reality as it exists in the moment," says Zemler.

Connect with your Values

In a time of stress, focus on taking value-driven action instead of fear-driven action. This means that actions are driven by your values rather than avoidance of suffering.

Make time for mindfulness

-Meditating -Journaling -Exercising -Going for a walk -Trying a new hobby -Diving into a passion project

Free resources

Tools like Calm and Headspace offer a free collection of meditations, sleep and movement exercises.

Stay Connected

Technology offerings like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Viber and WhatsApp make it easy to maintain (virtual) face-to-face meetups.

Hang in There

We're all in this together; at the very least, there is comfort in that.

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