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Iconic hotel cakes (some can be shipped right now)

From Austria to Singapore, fanciful cakes are a sweet welcome, setting the tone for a spectacular hotel stay. Luckily, a few of these hotels will even ship their cakes to satisfy cravings around the country.

Hotel Imperial - Imperial Torte

Image courtesy of Kirchgasser Photography

The original torte recipe layers fluffy chocolate cream with almond praline and marzipan. Newer flavors include dark chocolate with orange marzipan or raspberry paste.

Hotel Sacher - Original Sacher-Torte

Image courtesy of Hotel Sacher

The most famous cake in all of Austria, this ostensibly simple glazed chocolate cake is layered with apricot preserves.

Andaz Singapore - Pandan Chiffon Cake

Image courtesy of Andaz Singapore

Traditional pandan chiffon is a light sponge cake flavored with the juice of pandan leaves. At Andaz, they add velvety mousse in flavors like yam, durian, black sesame and coconut.

The Ritz-Carlton - Signature Chocolate Cake

Image courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

The signature chocolate cake is a fudgy combination of Valrhona chocolate, Grand Marnier and ribbons of caramel and orange chocolate ganache, studded with pieces of orange confit.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo - KUMO Cake

Image courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Kumo is Japanese for "cloud," and this light and fluffy cake is composed of a thin, hard shell of white chocolate with soft layers of mousse, jelly and sponge cake within.

Hilton Reforma Mexico City - Sunny Sunrise Cake

Image courtesy of Hilton Reforma Mexico City

This treat was inspired by the beauty of a Baja California dawn. It's a guanabana (soursop) cake accompanied by jellified vanilla, white chocolate and amaranth.

Planters Inn - Ultimate Coconut Cake

Image courtesy of Peninsula Grill

This 12-layer cake at Planters Inn has been awarded a trademark, and everyone from Martha Stewart to Bobby Flay have gushed over its rich vanilla and coconut flavors.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand - Mille-Feuille

Image courtesy of Thomas Deron

The key to this great mille-feuille is the perfect ratio of custard to pastry, baked to crisp, caramelized perfection with lots of famous French butter.

Wynn Las Vegas - Flower Pot Cake

Image courtesy of Jeff Green

A spongy, decadent chocolate base is layered with dark chocolate mousse and raspberry jam. It's served in an edible chocolate flower pot, topped with crushed cookies and real flowers.

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