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These are the best new craft distilleries in the United States

The United States now has more than 2,000 craft distilleries. With so many opening up each year, we decided to highlight some of the best on the scene. A panel of experts chose 20 nominees and our readers voted for the best. Here are the top 10.

10. Wise Men Distillery - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Image courtesy of Wise Men Distillery

The Wise Men lineup already includes gin, rum, vodka and a limited edition maple syrup moonshine. A bourbon is aging in the barrel room for future bottling.

9. Ferino Distillery - Reno, Nevada

Image courtesy of Ferino Distillery

The idea for Ferino Distillery was born on a trip to Sicily, where founder Joe Cannella tasted a cinnamon liqueur known as rosolio di cannella. They now make their own Cinnamon Cordial, as well as Fernet and Amaro.

8. Loaded Cannon Distillery - Bradenton, Florida

Loaded Cannon produces their spirits in small batches from locally sourced raw materials. The current selection includes Florida corn or rice vodka, gin, six different rums and four whiskeys, with more in the works.

7. Hatch Distilling Company - Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Image courtesy of Hatch Distilling Company

Spirits are made with local ingredients whenever possible, whether it be honey harvested from their own hives; whiskey grains and brandy apples from local organic farms; or gin botanicals foraged locally.

6. Dread River Distilling Co. - Birmingham, Alabama

Image courtesy of Dread River Distilling Co.

Dread River distills bourbon, whiskey, rye, vodka, gin and rum in small batches. Visitors can tour the distillery to learn more about the process of small batch distilling.

5. Harmony Spirits - Harmony, Minnesota

Image courtesy of Harmony Spirits

Harmony Spirits hand-crafts their small batch spirits using locally sourced grains. The lineup includes bourbon barrel-aged whiskey, triple-distilled corn vodka, bourbon whiskey, gin and a pair of rums.

4. Altered State Distillery - Erie, Pennsylvania

Image courtesy of Altered State Distillery

Altered State Distillery has already started racking up the awards for their hand-crafted spirits. The lineup includes an organic corn vodka, half a dozen whiskeys and a gin made with hand-collected botanicals.

3. Rhode Island Spirits - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Image courtesy of Rhode Island Spirits

Their spirits are organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. The vodka, made from organic corn spirits, is distilled seven times and filtered through charcoal.

2. Ballmer Peak Distillery - Lakewood, Colorado

Image courtesy of Ballmer Peak Distillery

This distillery, founded by lifelong friends Eric Strom and Austin Adamson, produces a core lineup of Australian-style gin; silver, gold and spiced rum; and an un-aged whiskey.

1. Lost State Distilling - Bristol, Tennessee

Image courtesy of Lost State Distilling

This family-owned distillery in downtown Bristol produces small-batch botanical-heavy gin, vodka (distilled from corn), rum and Tennessee whiskey.

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