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These flower-based liqueurs are a tasty way to celebrate spring

Unbeknownst to many, flowers, botanicals and even weeds have a long history in the world of spirits. From dandelion wine to floral vodka, here are lush, springtime cordials and spirits worth seeking out.

Dandelion wine

Originally a working man’s wine in medieval Europe, dandelion wine packs a moderately high alcohol content. It's the rare wine that reportedly improves liver function, thanks to its naturally-occurring vitamins A, B, C and D.


Rosolio is made from rose, lavender and citrus fruit like bergamot, and this spirit has been popping up more often in craft cocktail bars.

Crème Yvette

Crème Yvette is a violet flower cordial infused with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, black currants and honey.

Honeysuckle vodka

Cathead’s honeysuckle vodka is infused with delicate honeysuckle and Louisiana cane sugar, and it packs a romantic, heady aroma along the way. Mix it in a springtime cocktail or sip it neat.


Strega has 70 different ingredients, including mint and fennel. But this golden liqueur’s most famous ingredient is no doubt the saffron from which it gains its hue.


Once used to treat flatulence and other potentially embarrassing digestive issues, this Mexican herbal liqueur is made by fermenting honey produced by bees with the nectar of the xtabentún flower, and then combining it with rum and anise seed.


Made from the flowers of the alpine génépi plant, known to most people as wormwood, this botanical beverage is similar to the better-known drink of absinthe.

Crème de violette

Potentially the most famous floral alcohol of all, crème de violette is the bold, purple-hued liqueur made by infusing violet flowers in brandy.

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