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This fall's most tempting regional foods

There are some regional foods that are available only during the fall months, and every corner of the country happens to have a seasonal dish that is best enjoyed locally. Here are 10 fall favorites.

Apple cider doughnuts - New York

The best place to enjoy these warm, spiced delights is in New York, where the apple happens to be the official state fruit. Around fall, you can find apple cider doughnuts everywhere from farmers markets to bakeries.

Pecan pie - Southern United States

At Julia Belle’s inside the Pee Dee State Farmers Market, they do pecan pie with a White Russian twist. And in Georgia at Chester Brunnenmeyer’s, they’re infusing their pecan pie with bourbon.

Gumbo - Louisiana

Appearing in both Creole and Cajun cuisines, gumbo is a specialty stew that incorporates seafood, vegetables and other meats. So, it’s only fitting that a fall foodie road trip to Louisiana be centered around warming up with this hearty meal.

Huckleberries - Rocky Mountains

In towns and cities along this majestic mountain range, you’ll find huckleberry pie, huckleberry jams and jellies, huckleberry teas, huckleberry candies, huckleberry ice cream and even huckleberry beer.

Cranberries - Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Cranberry Trail takes road trippers along Wisconsin’s Cranberry Highway, a 50-mile stretch that is lined with crimson red cranberry marshes during the fall harvest season.

Biscochitos - New Mexico

If New Mexico were a cookie, it would be the biscochito. Though they’re served during most special occasions, their aromatic spice blend of cinnamon and anise lend to their seasonality.

Lutefisk - Midwestern United States

Lutefisk is a labor-intensive dish that can take over a week to prepare. The salty fish is a comforting meal, especially when the weather is cold and the nights are long.

Chili and Frito pies - Texas

Chili, cheese and Frito corn chips, along with salsa, refried beans, sour cream, onions, rice and sometimes jalapenos are served in a casserole dish or sometimes served right out of a single-serving bag of chips.

Brunswick stew - Southern Appalachia

This dish was traditionally made with squirrel, opossum or rabbit meat, but nowadays chicken and pork are used. The tomato-based stew also incorporates butter beans, corn and okra, popular ingredients throughout the South.

Michigan pasty - Michigan

This hand pie is full of seasoned meat and vegetables all wrapped up in a flaky pastry. Their portability makes them the perfect road trip food.

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