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This is how people in other countries cure hangovers

Here are eight tried-and-true hangover cures from around the world – for those times you forget to chug a big glass of water before going to bed (surprise, surprise – your results may vary).

Bangladesh: Coconut water

Coconut water is rich in potassium, a mineral suspected to help minimize the pain from migraines, so a hangover is easy-peasy by comparison.

Brazil: Moqueca

This swordfish – or sometimes even shark – stew is made with coconut milk, red palm oil and fragrant coriander. It is said to do wonders for nausea and digestive ailments you might wake up with.

Germany: Katerfrühstück

The classic Katerfrühstück usually consists of marinated herring and those adorable, tiny pickled gherkins.

Italy: Espresso

Italians have been chasing last night’s regrets away with back-to-back shots of espresso for generations. Caffeine dilates blood vessels, which in turn releases the vice grip on your head caused by heavy boozing.

Japan: Umeboshi

Used to combat the drain of exhaustion, nausea and dehydration for thousands of years, these plums were once prized by samurai warriors, who ate them before charging into battle.

Peru: Leche de tigre

Tiger’s Milk is actually the vibrant marinade left over when making a type of ceviche in Peru. It's loaded with fresh-squeezed citrus, peppers, ginger and garlic, along with the juices of the uncooked fish that had been soaking in the brew.

Puerto Rico: Asopao

This gumbo-esque rice dish is seasoned with adobo peppers and a ton of herbs, and is served as hot as you can possibly stand it. The heat and spice combo are said to help you sweat out the toxins (and the mistakes).

Russia: Pickle juice

Much like coconut water, cucumbers and pickling juice help our bodies to regulate proper sodium and water levels in our blood. Maybe that’s why plenty of Russians follow up vodka-filled nights with pickle juice mornings.

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