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This map makes it easy to support women in the restaurant industry

Of all the industries suffering from pervasive gender inequality, sexual harassment and a gender gap, the restaurant industry is among the most notorious. Hopefully this has you, as a person who loves to eat, asking: How can I help?

Well, online delivery site Grubhub has made it really easy for you to support women from the comfort of your own home by launching an interactive map called RestaurantHER.

In order to find women-led restaurants, users simply have to open their web browser, visit the map, and type in their zip code. The map will populate with a list of restaurants owned (at least in part) by a woman or run by a woman executive chef.

To create the map, Grubhub teamed up with Women Chefs & Restaurateurs. A few staggering statistics Grubhub presents: Only 19% of chefs are women; only 7% of restaurant owners are women; and women earn 28% less in base pay than male counterparts.

With this attempt to raise awareness and promote women-led restaurants, the site best known for helping lazy millennials find something to eat while they Netflix and chill is now helping lazy millennials eat, Netflix and chill for a cause.

The map isn’t perfect – it doesn’t allow users to filter for specific kinds of food like a normal search on the site does – but it’s a good place to discover woman-run restaurants in your neighborhood if you don't know exactly what you want to eat.

So get into those sweatpants, turn on your TV, and dig into that box of chow mein knowing you did your small part to support women in professional kitchens.

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