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Unique ice creams around the world that you need to try

Here are 13 different types of ice cream you can find across the globe. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to try making some of these unique treats at home!

Gelato | Italy

Gelato, Italy's most famous type of ice cream, comes in a variety of flavors and generally has a denser consistency and more potent flavor (but is less creamy) than its American counterpart.

Ice cream mochi | Japan

These bite-sized morsels are made by stuffing pastel-colored balls of pounded sticky rice with various flavors of ice cream which are then coated in a fine white powder.

Helado | Argentina

Helado is creamy, rich and piled so high on a cone that sticky drips are a constant threat. It comes in multiple flavors, with dulce de leche being a national favorite.

Ais Kacang | Malaysia

This heaping stack of shaved ice gets topped with a colorful assortment of ingredients: things like grass jelly, sweet corn, diced fruit, condensed milk and sweet flavored syrups.

Clotted cream ice cream | England

Cornwall in England is famous for its clotted cream. When made into ice cream, it's about as creamy and deliciously rich as it gets.

Dondurma | Turkey

Turkey's traditional ice cream, called dondurma, has a characteristic stretchy, taffy-like consistency, and when you take a bite, it's firm and chewy rather than creamy and melty.

Kulfi | India

More like a frozen custard than an ice cream, India's kulfi is made from sweetened condensed milk mixed with any number of flavor add-ins such as saffron, mango, cardamom or pistachio.

Spaghettieis | Germany

In Germany, what looks like spaghetti might actually be ice cream. This concoction is made from passing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer and topping it with strawberry sauce.

Akutaq | Alaska

Akutaq, also known as Alaskan ice cream, was traditionally made with animal fat combined with sugar and wild berries. Today, it's made from whipped Crisco combined with berries.

Frozen yogurt | U.S.A.

Born from the American low-fat craze, frozen yogurt is giving traditional ice cream a run for its money as the nation's favorite frozen dessert.

Tartufo | Italy

A typical tartufo is made from a ball of vanilla ice cream stuffed with a cherry and ground nuts, then dipped in chocolate and either more nuts or chocolate shavings.

Frozen custard | U.S.A.

While it looks a lot like ice cream, frozen custard is made from cream and egg yolks, and it's typically denser than normal ice cream.

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