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Warm up with these 10 regional soups and stews

Soups and stews are comfort foods, and when they're blends of local ingredients and recognizable flavors, those dishes are all the more special. Here are ten unique styles of soups and stews that beautifully express the regions from which they come.

Pozole - New Mexico

Though pozole is a pre-Hispanic Mexican dish made with culinary techniques developed by Native Americans, it is also prevalent in New Mexico. Pozole is a hominy stew with pork or chicken and spiced with local red chiles.

Brunswick stew - Southeast U.S.

This tomato-based stew varies from state to state, but it usually involves lima beans, corn, okra, potatoes and other vegetables. Traditionally, meats are stewed alongside the veggies, such as game meats, chicken, pork or brisket.

Cincinnati chili - Cincinnati, Ohio

Perhaps it’s not entirely a stew, but it is a Cincinnati comfort food that does involve a chili sauce/stew poured over spaghetti and topped with shredded cheddar cheese.

Wild rice soup - Minnesota

A wide variety of wild rice soups make those frigid Minnesota winters a bit warmer. They're often made with a creamy base and cooked with root vegetables, another popular winter ingredient. Some also include chicken or mushrooms.

Clam chowder - New England

The two most familiar clam chowders are the creamy New England and tomato-based Manhattan varieties. The third, Rhode Island clam chowder, has a clear broth that draws most of its clam flavor from the quahog.

Gumbo - Louisiana

Louisiana gumbo is a rich stew of meat and shellfish, but there's a notable difference between the Cajun and Creole versions. Creole gumbo is tomato-based, while Cajun gumbo is made with a roux and is a thicker stew.

Crab soup - Maryland

A crab soup flavored with Old Bay seasoning is one of the state’s most popular winter dishes. Tomatoes, beans, corn and carrots are stewed together with big hunks of crab meat and seasoned with Old Bay.

Potato soup - Idaho

Idaho's take on potato soup is creamy and hearty with big hunks of potato and carrots. The toppings, like scallions, cheddar cheese and bacon add more flavor and texture to the soup.

Corn chowder - Iowa

This creamy soup is made with corn and seasoned with onions, garlic, herbs and spices, and is sometimes made heartier with diced potatoes.

Lobster bisque - Maine

Bisque is a French-style soup that’s smooth and creamy, and it's often seasoned to make the flavors of seafood pop. So it’s the perfect style of broth for fresh Maine lobster.

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