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Watch bears, puppies, otters and more animals frolic on these 10 live cams

Giant pandas

The National Zoo maintains two different panda cams, so viewers can toggle to see them munching on bamboo, playing in the trees, working with their trainers or rolling in the grass.

Kitten Rescue

One of the largest and most successful animal welfare groups in Los Angeles gives online viewers a look at their rescued cats and kittens – and it’s adorable.

See the cam
See the cam

April the giraffe

In 2017, some 1.2 million people watched live online as a reticulated giraffe gave birth. Animal Adventure Park has maintained the wildly popular live cam.

Brooks Falls Bearcam

One of Mother Nature’s most impressive spectacles takes place in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. From mid-spring to mid-fall, brown bears fish for sockeye salmon.

Decorah Bald Eagles

This cam keeps track of two bald eagles –including their egg laying and hatching, which typically begins in late March or early April.

See the cam
See the cam

Jelly cam

If you’re in need of a little Zen, tune into this live cam at the Vancouver Aquarium. You'll be hypnotized by the rhythmic expansion and contraction of jellyfish.


For many a traveler, going on safari in Africa is a big ticket item. Live safari cams are the next best thing. Each camera offers tips on the best seasons and times of day for viewing.

Seattle Aquarium Sea Otters

These otters show off daily between 9 am and 6 pm PST. Viewers will often see them swimming, playing with toys, munching on snacks, grooming and occasionally holding paws while they nap.

See the cam
See the cam

Warrior Canine Connection

Watch puppies as young as four weeks old jump and tumble around as they’re socialized with the help of WCC staff and volunteers.

Pacific Walrus beach

As many as 15,000 of these marine mammals gather at any given time, and live cam viewers might also spot nesting seabirds and other sea mammals near the shore.

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