By Ashley M. Biggers

What is a slugburger, and why do Mississippians love it?

Image courtesy of Visit Mississippi

Meet the slugburger, Northern Mississippi's most celebrated regional dish.

But don’t worry, there are no actual slugs in this burger.

So where did it come from?

This burger with a crazy name is a product of the Great Depression.

Meat was used sparingly

Resourceful cooks used potato flakes, breadcrumbs, and flour as filler for burgers.

The burgers would cost a nickel, also known as a “slug,” which is where the slugburger got its name.

Elvis Presley grew up on the stuff

Born in Tupelo, the King's go-to was a slugburger and an RC cola from Johnnie’s Drive In.

"Kids are raised up on them. And then they bring their kids out here to eat and keep the tradition going on."


Today, slugburgers still help stretch the dollar, costing less than $2 on average.

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