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Eight guides about making food at home in 2020

This year, when so many restaurants were closed due to restrictions and some of us found extra time on our hands in lockdown, we dove headfirst into the kitchen. Here are eight guides we published this year about making (and keeping) food at home.

How to use and care for cast iron skillets

There are so many myths about how to best use (and care for) cast iron skillets, so we asked someone who designs cast iron cookware to discuss them, and provide truthful advice.

How to cook over a wood fire

Teaching yourself how to cook over a wood fire will improve the taste of your food so much. Not to mention, it's a great survival skill to have in your back pocket.

How to extend the life of spices and herbs

Fresh spices and herbs can make a huge difference in your cooking. But as spices age, the less potent their flavors become. We learned how you can keep them fresh for longer.

What the difference is between jam, jelly and preserves

It can be a sticky situation trying to tell the difference between preserves, jams and jellies. Those distinctions are subtle but simple, so you'll be a pro in no time with our guide.

How to tell if an old bottle of wine is still good

We learned how to get the most out of our wines and make sure that they taste every bit as extraordinary as they should – and be able to discern if one of the bottles has turned bad.

How to decide between wood, charcoal and gas grilling

All methods of grilling are not created equal – but each has its positives and negatives. We figured out what's hot and what's not about the different ways to grill.

How to best use cooking oils according to their smoke points

The oils that you're cooking in can actually burn, and the temperature at which they burn – the smoke point – varies by 200 degrees. We learned which oils burn at what temperatures, and how to best cook with them.

How to grow a victory garden

Whether you've never had a home garden or you're a green-thumbed expert, we gathered the things you should know about starting your own victory garden.

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Read the guides