What you need to know about ‘superfoods'

by Kevin Farrell for USA TODAY 10Best

So-called superfoods have skyrocketed to prominence in recent years.

But their popularity has little to do with any newfound life-sustaining nutritional prowess.

As it turns out, they are just regular food and the word “superfood” is more of a marketing term.

The superfood designation isn’t governed by any certifying organization, the way labels like non-GMO or USDA Organic are.

Since no one is in charge of qualifying superfoods, it seems marketers can use the label on whatever foods they want.


Its high levels of fiber, protein, iron and magnesium have earned it superfood status.


Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is also considered a superfood by some.


Snack foods have also secured superfood fame such as chocolate, which is rich in flavonoids.


There are even claims that beer is a superfood thanks to high vitamin, mineral and fiber content.

"The superfoods fad is yet another sign of the never-ending search for a magic bullet to solve problems.”
— Rosemary Stanton, Nutritionist

Of course there are foods that have more nutrients than others.

But nearly every food that we put in our body, whether super or not, contains beneficial qualities.

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