By Kevin Farrell


Which salad greens are the healthiest?

Not all salad greens are created equal!

When it comes to packing in the most nutrition and fewest calories into crisp fans, fronds and leaves, here are how some of the most popular choices shape up.


This has 10 calories per serving, but it’s very low in nutrients.  A serving of iceberg will give you just 3% of your daily vitamin C intake, 2% of iron and just a lonely 1% of calcium.


At 9 calories per cup, this veggie has a whopping 128% of your daily intake of vitamin K!


A serving of cabbage will only meet 9% of your daily fiber needs but a surprising 54% of vitamin C. Not bad for 22 calories per cup.


This canoe-shaped leafy green has 8 calories per one cup serving, and fulfills 22% of your daily vitamin A needs.


Romaine puts up great vitamin A numbers (50%) and a decent dose of vitamin C (30%). Pretty high, considering it’s only 8 calories per one cup serving.


A serving of chard, which is 7 calories per cup, will give you 250% of your vitamin K needs. It also has a good amount of iron and magnesium.


Manganese! Folate! Iron! Plus, vitamins K, A and C. Spinach is one of the best-tasting and most nutritious salad greens – and only at 7 calories per cup! A true health-food powerhouse.


At 34 calories, kale may have the highest calories per cup serving, but it’s all-around nutritious. It's got high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and even protein!

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